IAM IDs is an aggregator of innovative Identity and Access Management services. We believe that the advent of mobile technologies and cloud services requires a different way to manage user's identity and access to systems and services. It is no longer sufficient to provide a username and password for each application and web site that a person visits. This is neither secure or scalable as users tend to select few (or one) user id and reuse the password across many sites and services.

The pillars of our Identity and Access Management service are:
  • Identity as a Service - by utilizing service providers to deliver secure, scalable, reusable Identities we reduce the number of identities that a user needs to manage
  • Strong Identity Proofing Service - the root of identity assurance is a verified, unalterable proof of one's identity
  • Cloud Identity Service - model for enabling ubiquitous, convenient, on-demand network access to a rapidly deploy-able, shared pool of configurable computing resources
  • Multi-factor Authentication Service - username/password combinations are simply not secure enough for many transactions on the web and need to be augmented by additional factors
 To learn more about how companies are utilizing these services to make their customers and businesses more secure, visit our Case Studies page.

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Covisint Cloud Identity Services drastically reduce the burden of integrating complex systems, managing multiple IDs and passwords across a wide network of constituents, performing time-consuming administration and reporting, and ensuring compliance.

ForgeRock offers the only unified open identity stack to protect enterprise, cloud, social and mobile applications at Internet scale.

Okta was named a market leader, demonstrating that the company is “... highly tailored to meet the requirements of cloud service access control and offers among the best capabilities for an integrated offering.” by Forrester Research.
Successful Companies
Symplified provides a seamless identity and access-management solution that protects 3.8 million identities today and integrates with existing IT infrastructure and bridges to the cloud, streamlining access management, reducing costs and improving security.